Machine Capabilities

The Polycut is a CNC Machine designed specifically for cut-to-size Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet such as Lexan Thermoclear, Sunlite, Macrolux, Makrolon Multi, Correx and any other brand. ​


  • The machine is not a wall saw. It uses a blade rather than a rotating saw to cut the Multiwall Polycarbonate. This means that no dust or swarf is created, eliminating the need to blow out the dust from the flutes
  • High speed cutting combined with the elimination of cleaning means that you can cut more sheets per day than using conventional saws.
  • Two modes of operation:
    • Quick horizontal and vertical cutting of the stock sheets, controlled from the machine
    • Optimisation of jobs to be cut can be done in advance, minimising wastage
  • Reliable, efficient and very cost effective
  • Cuts any multiwall polycarbonate sheet size up to 2.1m x 7m
  • Cuts multiwall polycarbonate sheets between 4mm and 40mm thick
  • Fully CNC controlled – No more measuring mistakes by operator
  • Vertically mounted bed ensure minimum factory floor space is needed


  • Solid, one piece welded frame ensures accurate positioning and cutting
  • Zoned Vacuum System on bed ensuring maximum suction on sheets
  • Positioning Accuracy of +/- 0.05%
  • Siemens Control system via a Touch Screen, which can be connected to your network
  • Specially designed knife for long life and quick changing knife holder
  • Bespoke optimisation software to minimise waste
  • Laser scanner zone for safety protection
  • Onboard diagnostics and remote access for training and support available
  • Can be installed and commissioned in 1 day

Technical Specification

Width: 1.5mtrs
Height: 3.0mtrs

Max linear speed: 1.5mtrs/sec
Cutting speed: Variable
Cutting head: Heavy-duty precision blade

Tolerances: +/- 0.05% of distance travelled
Overall travel of X-axis: 7.2mtrs
Overall travel of Y-axis: 2.4mtrs

Vacuum: Pressure sensitive vacuum system
Vacuum distribution: 60 vacuum points capable of being selected (in pairs) by operator

Motion control system: Integrated PLC running pre-programmed CNC software controls & motors, which drive the cutting head. The data is supplied from a bespoke optimising package.

Optimising software: Written specifically for multiwall polycarbonate sheets, with manual over-ride. To be installed on remote PC.

Remote diagnostics: Network internet access allows the machine to be connected to our engineering office, providing status data and facilitating online support and training.

  Multicut Polycut
Knife cutting depth Up to 70mm
Multi-sheet or single sheet cutting? Single or Multiple
Complex shape cutting? Yes

Savings you can achieve

Competitively priced against other similar machines

Reduced factory costs due to significantly smaller footprint than a flatbed cutter

Substantial reduction in scrap materials from use of optimisation software

Massive labour savings when compared with traditional ‘by-hand’ or wall saw cutting
A 2.1m x 7m sheet takes approximately 3 minutes to cut and requires no cleaning

How To Purchase

The Polycut is made to order. Please contact us for lead time.

It is available for export from the UK to any destination worldwide. Our engineers will deliver and install the machine, training your staff on site within 2 days of delivery. 

For peace of mind, we also offer an annual service package that includes full technical support, two full services and discounted consumables. Inclusion on our service package also ensures that you are prioritised for engineer call outs.

We can provide a quotation based on your particular requirements. Please contact us for details.

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