Width: 1.5mtrs

Length: 9.1mtrs

Height: 3.0mtrs

Max linear speed: 1.5mtrs/sec

Cutting speed: Variable

Cutting head: Heavy-duty precision blade

Tolerances: +/- 0.05% of distance travelled

Overall travel of X-axis: 7.2mtrs

Overall travel of Y-axis: 2.4mtrs

Vacuum: Pressure sensitive vacuum system

Vacuum distribution:
60 vacuum points capable of being selected (in pairs) by operator

Motion control system: Integrated PLC running pre-programmed CNC software controls & motors, which drive the cutting head. The data is supplied from a bespoke optimising package.

Optimising software: Written specifically for multiwall polycarbonate sheets, with manual over-ride. To be installed on remote PC.

Remote diagnostics: Either modem link or network internet access allows the machine to be connected to our engineering office,  providing status data and facilitating online support and training.

  Standard Polycut Multicut Polycut
Knife cutting depth Up to 35mm Up to 70mm
Multi-sheet or single sheet cutting? Single Single or Multiple
Complex shape cutting? Yes Yes